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Our Mission

SRC4 believes a lack of cross connection control and backflow protection is the biggest problem we have in this industry. Therefore, education is a key component of the committee's activities. They have held various training sessions tailored for various water-related entities (irrigation, plumbers, plumbing inspectors, vendors, wastewater etc.). Many of these are done at no cost to the attendees. SRC4 has hosted annual seminars since 1993. In 1995, they hosted the largest to date American Backflow Protection Association Annual Conference.

The committee maintains a reference library including various manuals, videotapes, brochures, test kits, etc. These items are available to all members at no charge.

Public awareness is increased by displaying at trade shows, fairs, shopping malls etc. Various brochures and mail stuffers have also been published and distributed free to homeowners, plumbers, irrigation contractors, fire suppression contractors, etc. These brochures have paid big dividends in protecting the quality of drinking water and correct installation of backflow protection. One of the brochures "CAUTION" Your hose maybe hazardous to your health! Was sent to over 125,000 area residential homes.

SRC4 meets on a monthly basis and the meetings are open to non-SRC4 members. Communication and inter action among the attendees is emphasized. This is very beneficial especially to those who may have a particular cross connection control problem. Because of the diversified background and expertise of its membership, a satisfactory solution is generally the result of various problems.

SRC4 has grown into one of the most respected and successful cross connection control committees in the nation. The members becomes good friends, work well together, and are devoted to protecting the quality of drinking water. If you would like to be a part of this committee, please print out and send the application.

SRC4 Bylaws (245 KB, pdf)

Our Founder: Denny Lopp

Denny LoppIn the early 1970’s, even though cross connections and backflow were known to exist in the water industry, they were given very little importance in the Inland Northwest due to the lack of dead bodies. Given the responsibility of cross connection control for the City of Spokane Water Department, I began my education on the subject and was directed to two gentlemen in the State of Washington. I was told by many in the water industry that they were the quote, unquote, “experts” in backflow prevention. These gentlemen were Denny Lopp of Modern Electric and Water, here in Spokane and Ray Pettie from the Tacoma Water Department. From these excellent teachers, I very quickly learned how important backflow prevention is to public health, and as a water purveyor the inherent liability and financial impact which could ensue from a backflow incident.

I feel very fortunate to have had Denny Lopp as a mentor (and friend) over the years and I am sure every water district in the Inland Empire has benefited by having Mr. Lopp lead the way in founding the SRC4 and keeping it a working and viable organization. This was no easy task, but Denny kept the emphasis on the need for the group to work together and is solely responsible for almost all of the education and training that we have been privileged to receive over the years. Denny has been instrumental, if not responsible, for continuing the educational opportunities we have available in the Spokane region. Denny is recognized nationally for his expertise in the industry and the SRC4 is very fortunate to have someone like Denny to lead the way.

Frank Triplett
City of Spokane Water & Hydroelectric Services

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